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Does the Brain Control the Body or the Body Control the Brain?

“Does the man make the moment or the moment make the man?” 

Neuropsychology said the brain controls the mind and body, which has no independent existence outside of the chemical reactions and patterns which constantly fire inside our brains.

But a new breed of medical scientists are challenging this linear approach to the relationship between the Body and the Brain. 

The brain and the body obviously have an intimate relationship, but the brain: it is a collection of thoughts, patterns, perceptions, beliefs, memories and attitudes, which in turn makes changes in the physical body.

Technology is helping us shed ever more focused light on which parts of our brain direct specific actions and changes to our body. Advancements in science have given us devices which can “read your mind,” i.e. discern signals of will and intention.  

Such devices focus on the pre-frontal cortex where our “mental maps” of the self, others, and collective are developed and stimulated.

Dr Manoj Bhatt  -  MD; PhD; MABNLP; MABH; MTLTA; MBA (Stem Cell)

Says that Science has proved that as you age, deficiencies in your hormones, vitamins and neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Serotonin can affect your brain and body functions negatively.

These deficiencies can lead to weight gain, loss of energy, decrease in sexual function, fatigue, osteoporosis, sleep loss, memory loss and a host of other symptoms that are signs of ageing and can lead to illness. 

Prevention and early intervention can help reduce your risk of illness and improve your health.

Minor and moderate deficits can be treated without medications and usually respond to a combination of natural / nutritional, hormonal and lifestyle changes.

Our team of Quantum Prissiest, NLP Coaches and Hypnotherapists have developed some amazing result oriented series of questions that open a window into your body and mind by looking at how the different areas of your body age.

Many systems of the body are characterised as having ageing codes and ageing parts.

Once you take the test, your number of true answers will show you where you need to focus your attention. 

By taking the Question test it can tell us a lot about how and where your body is ageing and how to prevent disease and repair damage.

This test allows you to look at all areas of your body, picking up any

symptoms of disease in the early stages. The secret to effective health care is to catch any issues early to prevent hospital stays, surgery or near death events.

We then follow it up with our Special Supplement Table that will show you what supplements and nutrients can replace what your body needs.

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